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entropy. everywhere.

low frequency oblitherator
2 February 1982
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live for creation.
make noise-beat/idm electronic music and write about the universe.
have a profound passion for analog synthesizers and voltage manipulation.
carry a deep nostalgia for 8-bit art and music.
am pro-veg.
share a space with am tolerated as a lesser mortal by a feline named OSCar.
know what 1.25v @ 300mA tastes like.

8-bit music, abstract, abstract expressionism, analog, analog recording, analog synthesizers, ancient civilizations, animal rights, aphex twin, art, artificial intelligence, astrology, astronomy, autechre, avante-garde, baudelaire, binary, black holes, black lung, boards of canada, brains, breakcore, c++, castlevania, caustic, cevin key, chess, circuit bending, coffee, coil, covenant, ctrlshft, cubase, cyberpunk, dada, david lynch, dead kennedys, death, discrete analog, dna, download, drill n' bass, ebm, einsturzende neubauten, einstürzende neubauten, electro, endif, environmentalism, equality, existentialism, experimental music, fate, feminism, flash, fm synthesis, free will, fusion, gaea, glitch, graphic design, gridlock, hr giger, hydrogen, idm, illusion, illustration, imagination, independent thinking, industrial, industrial music, insanity, juno-60, kandinsky, kitties, legacy of kain, legendary pink dots, lo-fi, logic, maehymn, magic: the gathering, marcel duchamp, marzipan, mastering, meat beat manifesto, mesopatamia, midi, mimetic poly-alloy, moog, moogerfooger, mr. oizo, ms-20, music theory, musique concrete, nanotechnology, neal stephenson, neuroverse, nietzche, nihilism, nintendo, noir, noise, oscillators, painting, parappa the rapper, philanthropy, philosophy, photography, photoshop, playstation, poetry, psychic tv, psytrance, quarks, raw vegan, reason, recycling, robots, rpg, sartre, science, sequencing, sh-09, sh-2, skinny puppy, snog, solar power, sound design, stanley kubrick, string theory, suicide, surrealism, synthesis, synthesizers, tb-303, tear garden, the gothsicles, the the, throbbing gristle, tr-606, tr-808, vector graphics, vector synthesis, veganism, vegetarianism, venetian snares, vintage keyboards, will, wipeout